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Whether it is an old castle or a modern home, an edge of natural stone completes it perfectly. Often in bluestone, but a white stone is certainly also a reliable choice. Sleek or aged look.


Bridges, squares, roads,… have been made from natural stone for centuries. So even now still the best choice for your driveway, terrace,…


A façade cladding made of natural stone is timeless and durable. Due to the mechanical attachment, plates can always be easily recovered. Possibilities are endless: stone type, dimensions, finishes, placement pattern,…


Natural stone is the ideal method to protect and accentuate the base of your façade. Often we make this from bluestone, but granite, travertine, white stone,… can give your project that extra touch!

Window sills

Under a beautiful window belongs a beautiful sill. This can be done in bluestone, but there are also so many other possibilities such as granite, white stone, travertine, terrazzo,… Most common is a sanded finish, but why not blasted or manually cut?