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Tables, benches, flower pots, piedestals, loungers, cutting boards, fruit bowls,… You can’t think of it as crazy or we can make something beautiful out of natural stone.


Splash wall in the kitchen, wall in the shower, paneling in the entrance hall or why not as a painting on the wall.


Fire has something enchanting and timeless, what could fit better than a beautiful setting in natural stone? Classic with many ornaments as in a castle or sleek and modern according to the latest architectural principles. Stone type, design and finish gives you endless possibilities to really make this a personal showpiece

Bath room

The Romans already knew it 2000 years ago, there is no better choice than natural stone for your bathroom. Walls, floors, showers,… it’s all possible. But why not a full bath from a massive block? We can do that too


Over the centuries, natural stone has already proven itself as the material par excellence to get higher up. Bluestone, granite, travertine, white stone, marble,… you name it. Z-shape, straight, with crossing, in mitre, floating,… Polished, blasted, sanded, honed, flamed,… Endless possibilities to really make something personal out of it.


The place where natural stone comes into its own. From granite for the best protection to the most beautiful marbles so you never want to leave the kitchen